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Antique Diamond Engagement Rings

Antique Diamond Engagement Rings:

Hand-cut detailing and subtle shine — reclaimed for you.

Antique Cut Diamond Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands

Our collection of vintage antique cut diamond engagement rings & wedding bands feature an assortment of reclaimed diamonds — hand-cut over a century ago during the Art Deco Era. Each facet was measured and cut by hand to maximize shimmer against candlelight, making each diamond incredibly unique and unable to be replicated.

Procured from certified suppliers, our selection of antique diamonds are sourced through antique jewelry auctions and estate sales.  Antique diamonds are typically set in vintage engagement rings, where they are then removed, graded and certified, polished, and reset in one of our modern day settings.

We offer an edit of Old European, Old Mine, and Antique Cushion cut diamonds — ready for you to imbue with new meaning.  Please contact us directly for any special sourcing requests.