Double Rose Opal Choker

Double Rose Opal Choker


With a thin, crescent shape that creates an unusual line on the neck, this necklace offers an elevated twist to the classic choker. Handcrafted from 14k gold, and featuring delicate rose opals on either end of its point, the choker’s design is exceptionally minimal so as to easily mix with everything else in one’s wardrobe for every moment. Its simplicity and sleekness ensures it as a future classic to keep within rotation. Wear it alone as its own singular piece with the Foundation Pin bangle, or let it complement other delicate opal pieces.

Measurements: 12” circumference with 1.5” opening | Responsibly Sourced Recycled Gold

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Please keep in mind that each opal is hand cut, making each piece unique. We guarantee the best selection of stones, however we cannot promise exact replicas of the color photographed. Pink Peruvian opals range from a pale blush to a sunset pink with natural micro flecks of white and brown.  If you have a preference of shade, lighter or darker, please specify during checkout.

Photography: Shay Platz and JJ Ignotz