Rose Opal Chain Drop Earrings

Rose Opal Chain Drop Earrings


Lively animation, simple suspension – delicate rose opals drop from three inch, 14k gold chains to catch the good sort of attention, and spark conversation.  With a long line that subtly traces along the neck toward the décolletage, they’re ideal for special situations in candlelight or as an unexpected everyday piece to pair with an off-the-shoulder look. 

Measurements: 2.5mm Pink Peruvian opals | 14k Gold | Responsibly Sourced Recycled Gold | Also available in 2” or 1” for those looking for a subtler, gentler swing.


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Please keep in mind that each opal is hand cut, making each piece unique. We guarantee the best selection of stones, however we cannot promise exact replicas of the color photographed. Pink Peruvian opals range from a pale blush to a sunset pink with natural micro flecks of white and brown.  If you have a preference of shade, lighter or darker, please specify during checkout. 

Photography: Shay Platz and JJ Ignotz