Rose Opal Disk Choker

Rose Opal Disk Choker


A handcrafted gold ring, with two rose opals securely poised on either end provides the visual interlude of our rose opal disk choker. It features a graceful gold chain of 14k gold and is our favorite, for its singularity, subtle unusualness and classic minimalism. Even with its exceptional delicateness and value, it’s designed with a karat weight that can handle everyday wear.  Wear it, day or night, with the dew drop diamond ring and foundation pin bangle for a complete and fully layered look.

Measurements: 1mm 12” chain with 3” extension | 11mm disk | 2.5mm Pink Peruvian opals | Responsibly Sourced Recycled Gold

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Please keep in mind that each opal is hand cut, making each piece unique. We guarantee the best selection of stones, however we cannot promise exact replicas of the color photographed. Pink Peruvian opals range from a pale blush to a sunset pink with natural micro flecks of white and brown.  If you have a preference of shade, lighter or darker, please specify during checkout.

Photography: Shay Platz and JJ Ignotz