Single Rose Opal Choker

Single Rose Opal Choker


Like the single rose opal bracelet, the opal choker is ideal for when just a glint of gold and a touch of pink is all one needs. Forged in an enduring 14k gold our signature rose opal is securely set with a 3 prong setting. With simple form and a clean, graphic line, it gently nods to a contemporary aesthetic that can easily be slipped on to work with any look or social situation. Wear it with a button down shirt or an off the shoulder look to instantly elevate the day to day. We also love wearing it with other simple gold pieces, like the Foundation Disk earrings.

Measurements: 12” circumference with 1.5” opening | Responsibly Sourced Recycled Gold

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Please keep in mind that each opal is hand cut, making each piece unique. We guarantee the best selection of stones, however we cannot promise exact replicas of the color photographed. Pink Peruvian opals range from a pale blush to a sunset pink with natural micro flecks of white and brown.  If you have a preference of shade, lighter or darker, please specify during checkout.