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Welcome to the journal of Rosey West – a thoughtful curation of style that transcends trend, taste, and type by founder and creative director, Michael Dobkin.

Rosey West is founded on the core belief that jewelry is personal; that putting on jewelry in the morning is as much a personal meditation that connects one to what’s truly meaningful, as it is a communication of style. Rosey West also reminds the wearer that she makes meaning, in the pieces, just as in life, and that authenticity of oneself is paramount.   The jewelry is designed to work as "future classics,” with each piece building upon a woman’s ideal jewelry wardrobe. Each piece is intentionally simple and understated to leave room to be imbued with personal meaning.

The collection is sketched, sourced, shaped, set and shined (and entirely made to order) by our skilled artisans in New York City that are dedicated to the craft of local jewelry production.  With an unrivaled attention to detail, each piece is inimitable, left with tiny signatures of the artisans that crafted that earring, set that stone.  An old world experience, played to the tune of slow fashion.    

Follow the journey of Rosey West, beyond the playful flashes of light, and through the creative lens of the inspirational women (and some men) that bring that subtle magic to life – one piece of jewelry at a time.   

Rosey West