Rosey West

Our Sustainability Standards

The art of sustainable design.



In an effort to build a stronger global community, our collection is made here, in New York City, by local artisans using recycled, responsibly sourced fine gems and precious metals, supporting a more conscious level of design.

Each piece of fine jewelry is made to order for you, with a mix of traditional techniques and advanced technology, through low impact, environmentally aware production. 

Sourcing and producing locally allows us to have a majority of control over our precious metal and diamond supply chain, guaranteeing refineries produce only certified recycled materials or certified modern mined materials
— sourced responsibly, and one less thing for you to worry about.


Sourcing only conflict free diamonds and fine gems is our most important commitment to you and the global community. 

Whenever possible we make the conscious decision to use recycled diamonds, as they are the most sustainable option available today in comparison to modern mined material.  Most recycled diamonds are sourced through certified diamond & fine gem auction houses and estate sales where they are then reintroduced into the supply chain — conflict free. 

In the case where a recycled diamond is not able to be sourced (oftentimes due to limited quantities in the market), Rosey West proudly works with local, family-owned, businesses based in New York — equally committed to supplying only certified, conflict-free diamonds. 


All precious metals used in all Rosey West Fine Jewelry are certified recycled material.

Our precious metal is put through a process known as refining, which separates metal from their accompanying alloys, reducing them down to pure gold and platinum. The processing is all done within the United States, meeting and exceeding all Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards, as well as state and local regulatory standards. The pure gold and platinum at that point is ready to turn into finished jewelry.

The raw material has the same properties as newly mined ore — without the negative environmental consequences.