Rosey West
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Our World



Today we stand for equality. Through social and environmental responsibility, higher standards of care within our entire supply chain, and the diversity & inclusion of love of all kinds. 

We design jewelry to celebrate love 
— however you choose to define it.


Committed to nurturing a company culture that is equally pledged to social responsibility as we are to environmental preservation, our collection is made here, by the people of New York City, intentionally.

Our goal?  To develop a more controlled supply chain, and provide a broader level of transparency with low-impact production practices that support conscious design in an attempt to offset (in our own small way) the negative effects of opaque sourcing, closed raw-material traceability, and unregulated mass production 

— by building intimate relationships with our local artisans and suppliers we can ensure more transparency and a higher standard of care for everyone involved


Inspired by subtle unusualness and classic minimalism, Rosey West is an exploration of superlative elements, fine gems, conscious design, and the connection that brings us all together. With clean, considered style, we offer a selection of fine jewelry that speaks to the handcrafted, human touch of the artisan.

Each piece imbued with an attitude of individuality, to celebrate love of all kinds. 


In celebrating love, we focus on inclusion & diversity in every aspect of our design process — practicing the principles of unbiased awareness, empathy, and openness every. single. day.   

Rosey West is founded (and led) by members of the LGBTQIA+ community, acknowledging intersectionality, where social identities are fully and equally represented — inclusively, is fundamental for us to enact social change and evolve. The stability of our (that’s our as in, you too) basic civil rights and liberties are in a constant state of being threatened — and before anything else, it’s our responsibility as a brand to allow everyone the opportunity to express love without ridicule or restriction.

To us, it doesn’t matter who you love — we just want you to love.